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Release Day! It’s Live!

I’m so excited! The Call of Her Pack is now live on Amazon. Read it for free with Amazon Unlimited. This is book three of the Whiskey Springs Pack series.

Your feedback matters to me. If you read any of my books, please consider leaving an Amazon review. I always appreciate your input.

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Sneak Peek Time!

The Call of Her Pack will be available on Amazon Wednesday. This is the third book in the Whiskey Springs Pack series.

Were you wondering what happened to Liza when she left at the end of The Call of Her Wolf? Well, now you can find out. And The Call of Her Pack picks up where The Call of Her Heart left off. You finally get to meet Logan’s adopted brother, Jack – tall, dark, and shifter. Mm! What more could you ask for? Oh! I know – romance, intrigue, danger!

Read the blurb below.


Being on the run can change a person. Priorities change, actions change, and desires change. Three years ago, shifter Liza Anderson came close to breaking pack law. Rather than be forced out for her for what she did, she left her pack and Whiskey Springs. She’s been on the run since.

Comfortable in her new life, Liza has finally stopped looking over her shoulder. No one here knows who or what she was. They only know the new Liza. Life in Van Horn, Texas is different but she’s comfortable and happy. At least until someone from her past walks through the door.

Jack Kincaid cannot believe his luck. Trackers have been searching for Liza Anderson for several years and here she is, standing right in front of him. But this is not the Liza he remembers. This woman is softer, kinder. And before Jack knows it, he’s falling hard and fast.

Liza lets Jack convince her to come back to Whiskey Springs, back to a life she had almost forgotten with the pack she loves. Once there, she is forgiven her transgressions and offered friendship by those she had hurt the most. Determined to show how much she cares about her pack, Liza takes a risky assignment that will lead her into danger — just as her wolf makes it known that she has found her mate.

Together, Liza and Jack try to bring down the greatest threat the Whiskey Springs pack has known. But then the tables turn and they find themselves at the mercy of a demented shifter who will stop at nothing, including murder, to get what he wants.

Want more hot, hunky shifters and the strong women who love them? Visit my Amazon author’s page. Be sure to check my Facebook page late Wednesday for the link to The Call of Her Pack.

Stay lovely!

I Want You to be Happy

heart-love-glossy-valentine-romance-romanticAfter years of fits and starts and shoving the idea to the back of mind as I waited for that elusive “right time”, I started writing romance novels full time a few years ago. And of course, when I did, friends and family asked “why romance novels?”

It’s a long and convoluted answer that would take a few hours and several bottles of wine to answer.

A more important question could be “what does reading romance novels do for me?” I admit, I am a voracious reader and I still love romance novels. The queens of my world are descended from Rosemary Rogers, Kathleen Woodiwiss, and Bertrice Small. Ah, the good old fashioned bodice ripper with Fabio on the cover! And trying to hide the cover of the book you were reading in order to fend off uncomfortable discussions.

Things are a bit different now. Electronic readers have done away with the need to hide, bodice rippers on the covers have become ripped bods, and there is a veritable plethora of sub-genre romance readings from which to choose.

But did you know there are benefits to reading what I’m laying down? Oh, yes indeed.

According to Glenn Croston Ph.D. of Psychology Today, reading romance novels can make you happy. Dr. Croston writes “Stories like this can be reassuring, and train our mind to have positive expectations.  And when we have positive expectations about the world, we tend to be happier.”

So, read a romance novel. Or three, or three dozen. After all, I want you to be happy.

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