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Release Day!

Oh, I hope you all had wonderful holidays! And can you believe the weather? I will say that it is perfect weather for snuggling up with a good wolf!

Amanda Cross is on a mission to save endangered wolves in the untamed wilds of the Pacific Northwest. But Amanda is a city girl with no survival experience. She needs to hire a guide to protect her on the dangerous journey into uncharted territory. That’s when she meets the sexy wolf shifter with the smoldering blue eyes.

Santiago is an ex-soldier wrestling with his dark past. The inexperienced Amanda is the last person he wants as a client, but he reluctantly agrees to help. He expected her to be a pain in the neck, but he never expected to fall in love.

What starts as a simple expedition becomes a fight for their lives when they run into a mysterious group of mercenaries, an ancient forest god, and a dark supernatural creature with a grudge against Santiago. He’ll have to overcome impossible odds if he wants to save the woman he loves, no matter what the cost.

This is book two of the Sanctuary series. Click on the photo to grab your copy. I hope you like it!

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Stay lovely!

A Slight Mix Up and Some Updates

One of my fabulous readers let me know about a mix up with my book, The Girl and the Lion. I accidentally uploaded the wrong book file recently. So some of you may have gotten Betrayed by the Bear instead of the Girl and the Lion. Obviously, that was a mistake on my part. The correct file is back up on Amazon. If any of you bought the book and ended up with the wrong file, try downloading it again please. And if that doesn’t work, please contact me and I’ll make things right. I’m very sorry about the mistake.

Now for some updates!

The holidays are a busy time, but I’m still hard at work on the next books. Book 2 of my Sanctuary series, The Girl and the Wolf, is about halfway finished. It’s about a young, inexperienced animal conservationist named Amanda Cross. She’s on a mission to save an endangered species of wolf in the untamed wilds of the Pacific Northwest. But Amanda is a city girl with no survival experience. So she hires the skilled, but cocky wilderness guide, Santiago. He’s hot-blooded, hot-tempered, and just all around hot! They’ll have to survive together, but only if they don’t kill each other first.

The Girl and the Wolf should be released by the end of the year.

And speaking of wolves, I’m also working on the next installment of my Whiskey Springs series. This small-town romance is shaping up to be a fun ride. More updates on that coming soon!