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Hi! Welcome to my brand new blog. It’s all shiny and new. Let me show you around. Over to the left, you’ll find a link to my Facebook page. There is also a link for you to subscribe my newsletter, and I promise – I will never inundate you. There is also a contact form if you have any questions. And there is a link to find out a little more about me, as well as a page where I’ll be listing the books as they are published.

But what I really, really want you to do is check out my first book, The Girl and the Lion.


My next novel is The Call of Her Wolf, and will be coming out soon. I’ll update as soon as it’s ready.

Hot shifters, strong women, and happily ever after – that’s what Stella Night is all about.


  1. Lola Conley Lola Conley

    I bough the book the girl and the lion. When I opened it, I found instead your story of betrayed by the bear. Which is very good by the way. But I really wanted to read the book I purchased. I have tried reloading it but with the same results. The sample came thru fine. Well better get busy and get busy making my versa for the holidays.

    • Stella Night Stella Night

      I’m so sorry about the mix up. I accidentally uploaded the wrong file when I was updating some information for “The Girl and the Lion.” Not enough coffee, I guess. The correct file for “The Girl and the Lion” is up on Amazon now. If it still won’t download for whatever reason, please send me an email directly at and I’ll personally send you the correct file. Again, I apologize for this inconvenience. Thank you for letting me know about the error, and thank you for the kind comments about my book! Readers like you make this all worthwhile.

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