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Month: November 2016

I Want You to be Happy

heart-love-glossy-valentine-romance-romanticAfter years of fits and starts and shoving the idea to the back of mind as I waited for that elusive “right time”, I started writing romance novels full time a few years ago. And of course, when I did, friends and family asked “why romance novels?”

It’s a long and convoluted answer that would take a few hours and several bottles of wine to answer.

A more important question could be “what does reading romance novels do for me?” I admit, I am a voracious reader and I still love romance novels. The queens of my world are descended from Rosemary Rogers, Kathleen Woodiwiss, and Bertrice Small. Ah, the good old fashioned bodice ripper with Fabio on the cover! And trying to hide the cover of the book you were reading in order to fend off uncomfortable discussions.

Things are a bit different now. Electronic readers have done away with the need to hide, bodice rippers on the covers have become ripped bods, and there is a veritable plethora of sub-genre romance readings from which to choose.

But did you know there are benefits to reading what I’m laying down? Oh, yes indeed.

According to Glenn Croston Ph.D. of Psychology Today, reading romance novels can make you happy. Dr. Croston writes “Stories like this can be reassuring, and train our mind to have positive expectations.  And when we have positive expectations about the world, we tend to be happier.”

So, read a romance novel. Or three, or three dozen. After all, I want you to be happy.

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Cover Reveal!

Coming soon!


Ella McInery is running. She leaves behind everything she owns to escape an abusive relationship. Taking shelter from a storm, she stops in a small Texas town and discovers a dream come true. Determined to make a new start, she decides to stay in Whiskey Springs.

In this close-knit community, she discovers everything she has been missing. And if she can shake off the specters of her past she might have a shot at true happiness. Ella’s experiences have made her cautious but her attraction to her new boss may be impossible to fight. Everyone says history repeats itself. Ella won’t let anyone hurt her again – not even Josh Masters.

Josh has problems of his own. As Alpha of the Whiskey Springs pack, he takes his position seriously, keeping his pack safe and enforcing pack rules. With the arrival of a gorgeous human in Whiskey Springs, his problems have multiplied overnight. Every day brings another challenge centered around her presence in his town.

To become true Alpha, Josh lacks one key factor. He needs a mate. Wolves are said to mate for life, and Josh has yet to find the woman who calls to his wolf – until now. But it’s a choice Josh is not sure he can live with.

Not everything in this small town is as it seems. Monsters come in all shapes and sizes, and can lurk anywhere. And now one has set its sight on Ella.

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Hot shifters, strong women, and happily ever after – that’s what Stella Night is all about.